See how Sallie Makes Sense: A Series

When should students and families start planning to finance for college? Do only the gifted get scholarships? Is a four-year college the best path to a better future? What is the FAFSA? There are many questions on the journey through higher education — that’s where Sallie Mae steps in. As a responsible private lender and education solutions provider, our experts are here to help make sense of it all.

Preventing Students and Families from Overborrowing for Higher Education: Sallie Mae Expert Insights

Maureen Fagen

Understanding Financial Aid Offer Letters: Sallie Mae Expert Insights

Sergio Gonzalez

Why Students and Families Shouldn’t Leave Free Money on the Table

Donna Vieira

A Sallie Mae Expert Explains How Planning Can Help Make College More Affordable

Nic Jafarieh

Three Tips to Successfully Manage Student Loans from a Sallie Mae Expert

Kristin Hawley-Johnson

Here’s How Sallie Mae is Helping Non-Traditional Students on Their Paths to Higher Education

Ventrice Diggs-King

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